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Established in 2015 – The only facility in the greater Nashville area that encourages everyone who enters to be their own hero. We believe in offering the best possible environment and belief of passion over profit. Our team is committed to helping everyone who comes through our doors whether for a general membership or personal training to feel at home and supported in their goals. With personal training sessions as low as $25 a session and monthly memberships starting at $25/mo (specialty discounts available) we pride ourselves in offering top level service at an affordable price point. Come check us out.  Your first three days are on us!

Mission Statement: A welcome, open, and friendly environment where everyone can be their own hero.

Core Values: Be Your Own Hero

Belief in ourselves and others
Equality among us
Yield to wisdom, knowledge, heart
Open to challenges and growth
Understanding we are all in this together
Relentless in our pursuit of excellence
Optimistic for a better tomorrow
Welcoming to anyone and everyone
Neighborhood at heart
Humility to our purpose
Engaging to serve others
Reputation beyond reproach
Ownership of who we are

Why Choose Us?

24/7 Access

Get 24/7 access to Iron House! Members can come and go anytime of the day or night. Need to get in a late night workout? No problem, we’re open to accommodate your schedule!

Equipment Variety

From Arsenal, to Hammer, to the ole Bodymaster line, to Legend, Life Fitness, Cybex, and well you get the point. We, in summary, are a fitness factory catering to anyone that wants to improve. Come check us out – pictures and descriptions can only say so much!

Personal Training

Get trained by our top personal trainers! Our certified personal trainers and assistant trainers will create the perfect program to help you achieve your fitness goals, designed 100% for YOU!

User Testimonials

News & Updates

5-16-2019 Newsletter Available Now

Head over to our Newsletter section and you can read our newsletter that is posted bi-monthly and sign up there to get it delivered to your inbox!

4-3-2019 Trainer and Staff Sections Up

Come to our Trainer and Staff sections to see our crew and get to know them. They are waiting to serve you and help you "Be Your Own Hero!"

4-1-2019 *New* IHSC Referral Program

Check our new program out! Refer a member to Iron House & once they sign up, your next month is FREE!

3-30-2019 *New* Free Day Update

What's better than a Free Day? How about 3, count them, THREE free days to try out Iron House! We even have *24/7 access available for those 3 days so you can come in when you please! Come try us out!

*24/7 access can only be issued for those who will put a CC# on file. Otherwise, the free days would have to be during hours front staff are available.

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Front Desk Hours

                         Monday thru Thursday                                                                                                          7AM-7PM
                         Friday                                                                                                                                         7AM-4PM
                         Saturday                                                                                                                                    8AM-12PM
                         Sunday                                                                                                                                       No desk staff

Contact Information


3664A Central Pike Hermitage, TN 37076

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