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Ashley Bowman

“Everyday working toward being a better version of me!”

Knowing you want to do something to help people, something bigger than
yourself is one thing, but figuring out how you’re supposed to do it is a whole

After graduating high school, I stared the world with bright eyes and lots of
wonder of what lied ahead. What was I meant to do and most of all what was this
“passion” I kept hearing people say I needed to pursue. I knew I loved helping
others, from the various community givebacks I participated in, to coaching
younger kids in sports, to volunteering time with my church. They were all great,
but I there wasn’t that fire there, that drive to make me go all in.

I figured since I had good grades I might as well give college a shot only to realize after a bit, like some people do, that college simply was not for me. I always had an interest in our military and have a deep love for our country that was instilled into me from my upbringing. I decided to enlist in the Air Force serving our country before I was presented with an option to exit early due to various cuts the Air Force was experiencing. I decided that it was a good time for me to leave because I still was longing to find something more, something that I woke up daily eager to meet
head on in my professional life.

I came back home, wiser, more disciplined, but most of all still longing to find that “passion” which was still elusive to me. After a few months of working as a teaching assistant and having to wait tables to make ends meet I found myself slowly entering a depression which was fueled by alcohol and terrible eating habits. Before long I had put over 70 pounds on and was at my rock bottom. I looked in the mirror and saw disgust. I saw something I was not, but most of all was even more depressed I let my athletic background all but slip away from me. I decided one night before I went to bed that I had enough and was going to take charge of my life, but most importantly my health and my self-esteem.

That next day I signed up for a gym membership and began down the most rewarding road I have walked – self-renewal and self-empowerment. I lost over 70lbs and decided to enter my first figure competition in November of 2014. It was during this journey that I began to find that “passion” others had always described.

As I transformed, people noticed and people wanted my help. I was thrown off at first simply because I was still walking my own path chasing my own goals on this journey. However, I realized that every time I inspired someone else it lifted my heart and encouraged me even more to work that much harder because people were watching and being inspired. It was then I realized what my passion was and it came in the form of inspiring others to take their life, their health and most of all their self-worth and self-esteem back.

Today I train clients from all backgrounds who all come to me in search of one thing – finding themselves again. It is something that humbles me still to this day whenever someone signs up with me, but most of all pushes me to be the best coach I can be. Relentless is more than a name it is a lifestyle, it is a the call for each person that we train to relentlessly and unapologetically pursue their goals and
aspirations by being their own hero.

There is nothing more rewarding as I have found by coaching clients then watching them realize they have no one to idolize or chase, but the best they can be. That is what drives me and that is what Inspires me. 

•Has experienced her own fat to fit journey, losing 70lbs at one point.
•Understands the mechanics behind making a lifestyle change.
•Certified in Weight Loss, Personal Training, Sports Nutrition
•Specializes in Macro-Counting & Nutrition
•Competitive Bodybuilder, just shy of professional status (2nd at Pro Qualifier) in
  018 season
•USAF Veteran
•Offers - Personal Training, General Nutrition, Online Coaching, Competition Prep 

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