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Clair Jones

Clair came to Nashville from Iowa to intern at Vanderbilt while finishing her Bachelors of Science in Radiology. She now works full time at Vanderbilt as an MRI technologist in their research department, while training part-time.

In college Clair was overweight and had a wake up call when she was forced to trade her bridesmaid dress with another bridesmaid for a larger size the day of the wedding. She started in Crossfit, then moved to kickboxing, TRX, circuit training and traditional bodybuilding. Through her own journey, she found a passion for fitness.

After 10 years of working on herself, she realized how much she loved helping others and put her years of fitness knowledge to work and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. While her favorite exercises include heavy barbell work and olympic lifts, she uses all aspects of fitness to help her clients reach their individual goals. She is known for focusing not just on strength and weight loss, but functional movement, balance and coordination. 

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