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Jacob McNeese

"Acquire knowledge not only for its power but for its highest purpose, the development of character."

Jacob grew up in Nashville and I has had a love for fitness since he was sixteen years old.

He fell in love with working out when he played football and baseball and kept up with it even after moving to college. Jacob attended East Tennessee State University, where he studied Psychology and Human Services. He had a vision of being a therapist so that he could help others, until in his senior year he was diagnosed with Testicular cancer.

Finding this news out, altered Jacob’s life forever. He was in what he thought was the best shape of his life and in what seemed to be overnight, he lost it all. With the heart of a lion and a great support system, he stayed positive and looked death in the face and it blinked first.

He fought his hardest to maintain his body but it was not responding the way he hoped. For a long time, he loved sharing his journey with others and seeing their reaction as to where he had come from since his teenage years.

After a long talk with Jeff Black he helped Jacob realize that his passion for fitness and a love for helping others could be one entity. Thus springing him into doing what he loves for a living and that is personal training! 

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