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Membership Information

There are several options for memberships at Iron House. We have individual, family plans, and discounted membership rates for working with our trainers. Discounts are also available for Military, LE, Teachers, and Seniors.  Membership plans are as low as $30 per month. There are also day and week passes available. Drop by for a tour of the facilities and and 3 free days on us!  

24/7 Access

We offer 24/7 access to our facilities so you can work out anytime at your convenience.  That includes holidays.

Mini Kitchen

We have a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave available for members to use to prep food and snacks for their workout

Locker Rooms

We have clean M/F locker rooms for changing and shower bays for tidying up after a hard workout.

Cardio Equipment

We offer several different options for cardio. Elipticals, ski machines, row machines, treadmills, battle ropes, bikes, sleds, hammer/tires, medicine balls, plus a stairmill. Do the cardio of your choice!

Open Floor

Also included for cardio is an open floor where you can do any type of exercise you can dream up or want. There are also yoga matts, straps, balls, and foam rollers for those other options.

Strength Machines

We offer a huge selection of body specific machines to focus on different areas to train. Various leg, chest, and back presses will help you focus on those areas you want to work on most.

Free Weights

Want to do dumbell curls? We have you covered. What about barbell bench presses. No problem. Kettlebell swings? Swing away!

Deadlift Racks

We have several deadlift racks and weights to perfect your deadlifts.

Open Lot

Behind our facility we have an open lot with tires and an area to do sprints.

Yoga Room

Need a place for quiet yoga?  We have the place!  matts, balls, and low lighting.  Serenity now!

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