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April 2019 Newsletter

Iron House Turns 4!

Thank you to our members and fearless leaders

The "Why" Part II by Jeff Black 

Client Spotlight by Mike Thompson 

"A detective with my former police department approached me for some ways to change up his training routine. He’d been doing a typical body-part split, training most sets to failure. He was definitely not a novice and knows what he’s doing in the gym..."

Insulin Sensitivity and Why It's Important
by Jason Theobal

"If I asked you what’s more important to start a prep or diet phase with, would you say:
A. High insulin sensitivity? or;
B. High calories and carbs for metabolic resiliency?..

Gas Station Eats with Ashley Bowman:

A guide for navigating convenience store food options during those unavoidable gas station stops.
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80's Day at Iron House was Totally Radical!

Congrats to our winner Rick Quintanar
who was awarded free membership for the month of April!

Check out some more, custom murals. A big thank you to
Beauty In The Destruction! 

You may have noticed...
Our Front Office got an Iron House-worthy face lift!

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